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All Sterling Irons™ single length irons have the exact same flex, lie angle, weight and length so you’ll only focus on one swing instead of having to learn 8 different iron swings.
As a perfect example: If you were to get a top firearms expert to tell you how to arm your home, he would say to have several units of the same gun. So, if you chose Colt 45’s then you’d only have Colt 45’s around the house.
This way when something goes bump in the night and you pick one up tired and sleepy, you know what you have in your hand and you know how to use it. To quote a saying where the author is unknown ~ Beware the man with one gun – he knows how to use it!
That’s your massive benefit with Sterling Irons® Single Length Irons. They all have the same setup, swing and ball position for every shot. So, when you put any club in your hands, you know what you’ve got and you know how to use it.
Having Identical length and lie lets you to have the same stance, posture and even the same swing plane which are the factors that allow you to only need just that one swing no matter what shot you’re taking.
There is another old saying by an unknown author that perfectly illustrates the power of this concept and that is ~ Do one thing – but do it very well.
So, when you only have to use one swing, you can get very, very good at it.

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